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Farming Grants

  • FarmIf you are a farmer, or are interested in working in farming, there are a number of grants available to help you in the task of improving your business.

    How do Farming Grants Work?

    Grants are better than loans, primarily because you don’t have to pay them back.  These farming grants can be used to construct housing or other sorts of buildings, to improve stock or product quality, or you can use the funds for educational training for yourself or your farm workers (anything from financial planning courses to animal husbandry).  Most Grants, however, require detailed applications as well as the applicant being able to meet specific requirements.

    Popular Farming Grants

    Some of the popular farming grants available include:

    Farm Business Management and Benchmarking.  Sponsored by the Department of Agriculture, the Farm Business Management and Benchmarking grant provides grants that are meant to be used to improve farm management and agriculture producer skills.  Those eligible for these grants include colleges, universities, private organizations, national laboratories as well as individuals, so as you can see, the competition will be fierce.

    Farm labor Housing Loans and Grants.  The Farm Labor Housing Loans and Grants is a program designed to offer financial assistance for the creation of good housing and facilities for farm workers.  Funds can be used to construct, repair, or purchase housing for farm laborers whether they are full-time or seasonal workers.  Funds can also be used to construct and maintain support facilities for these workers, things like day-care centers, infirmaries, Laundromats and the like.

    Beginning Farmer and Rancher Competitive Grants Program.  The Beginning Farmer and Rancher Competitive Grants Program is another grant program sponsored by the Department of Agriculture.  Its focus is to provide financial awards to help train and educate new ranchers and farmers.  Monies support programs such as internships, entrepreneurship and business training, risk-management training, and environmental compliance.  While individuals are not eligible for these grants, if you are part of a state, local or tribal network, can be considered a private or public entity, are a community or non-governmental-based organization, or are a college or university, then you qualify to apply.

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